Site Evaluation

a once in a lifetime opportunity to be involved on the ground floor!

Address: Route 543 and Homestead Drive
Commercial Area: 65,000 sq. ft. Shopping Center
Condition of Area: Excellent
Area Sentiment: Appears Excellent
Traffic Controls: None Existing; Recommended
Traffic Congestion: Moderate
Adjacent Land Use: Residential
Conditions of Street : Well Maintained
Major Stores Affecting Location: Lourdes Medical
Distance to Trade Area Boundaries: N 3.6   S 5.0   E 5.7   W 5.6
Overall Physical Site Rating: Good to Excellent
Future Outlook for Site: Excellent with continuing population growth
Ratings Poor Fair Good Excellent
Accessibility of Site: North X
South X
East X
West X
Visibility: North X
South X
East X
West X
Ingress/Egress: X
Parking: X
Traffic Volume: X
Sites Position to Intercept Present Traffic: X
Exposure to Transient Business: X